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Posted by Ilovecats324 - March 4th, 2024

Thank you to whoever archives my news posts and my newgrounds page on the wayback machine. Just incase one day my account falls into shambles due to my mom finding out this page exists there is still something left of me on this wonderful website<3 Thank you so much to whoever does it for me



why do you always think one day your mother will find out about your NG Account has it happened in the past with other websites are she overprotective

well, im not even allowed to post on the internet im just being honest. I'm not even allowed to have social media, the most i can have is tik tok and snapchat. She has no idea that newgrounds even exists nor that i post on it. I can't even talk to my bestfriend sophia or anyone online for that matter. It fucking sucks because outside the internet i have only 3 friends that i get to rarely see/talk too. And it got really depressing not even being able to have friends. It's sad i have to break rules to be happy. It hasn't really happened with me having social media, its just the fact that i got caught a few times with having a youtube channel and having an online girl when i was 10 which caused me to not be able to talk to my bestfriend sophia, (which is my online ex and what not) I'm honestly just counting my days, because I'm actually highly afraid of my mom finding out this accounts exists. One search of Ilovecats324, im fucked. So fucked to the point where theres no redeeming anything. Thats why im so paranoid of her finding out, because without my friends i start to be sad and depressed again, and my friends are the only reason why im pretty much happy. So yeah, that's why i always think that, because i don't want to feel depressed and lonely again

@Ilovecats324 wait no social media at all what the fuck how the fuck do people live without any interaction i can't imagine what that must be like i wonder what you would be doing all day other then becoming more and more depressed and lonely everyday of your life sorry you have to put up with such a scary rule that's like overprotective internet safety at max

Like it sucks, because all i used to do was talk to my family. and since like i do online school (by choice) I don't really get to talk anyone besides the people online, so yeah i may look chronically online, but like i really don't have anyone to talk to or much else to do so yeah it sucks. I got in trouble for just saying hello to someone in roblox when i was 8. So yeah it just fucking sucks, because my mom thinks everyone online is a fucking pedophile or some shit like that

@Tankcraft i guess the best part is that i have no parental controls so she has no clue as to what im doing

Somebody did that to my page

damn, i apperciate people archiving my page alot

@Ilovecats324 even before and after I changed my username

What was your OG username lmfao

@Ilovecats324 thealextoolstudio

not bad

@AlexToolStudio @Ilovecats324 looks like someone archived my account a month after i joined…back when i was a no one and didnt create anything

damn.. thats a lil odd

@antmaster208 @Ilovecats324 i think somebody did that to me

oooh nice

Someone did the same to me, then I started archiving important dates on my profile myself.


Lolz they'll never get rid of this account, it will stay alive foreverz!!!


my brother found out abt my ng last month and said "dont go on those apps" and forgot lmao

wow. lmao. I one time sent my brother my NG (when I had like 0 fans) When i was still dropping the worst music ever. But i don't think he clicked the link and im thankful for that shit